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T-Mobile Moto X shows up online for $600 off-contract

7 months ago 13

T-Mobile users who have been waiting to get your hands on a fully Magenta compatible Moto X, your time has almost come. The T-Mobile variant of the Moto X has just popped up on the Motorola website in both woven black and white, but you can’t buy it just yet.

On a blog post on Motorola’s official Blogspot, Motorola has announced that the T-Mobile Moto X will be available starting today. As of right this minute, the T-Mobile Moto X is still showing up as out of stock in both colors, but we assume it will be ready to ship any moment now.

When it is ready, those looking to purchase the device will have to do so for a whopping $600 before tax and shipping. In all reality, that price is more than fair, but two-year contracts, equipment installation plans, brand new $300 Nexus phones and discount $200 Nexus phones have ruined our sense of how much a well-designed piece of technology should cost. That said, there’s still no way I’d buy one.

If you’ve got $600 burning a hole in your pocket, then go ahead and pull the trigger on the T-Mobile compatible Motorola Moto X.