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CyanogenMod is now a company, set to make custom ROMs even better

CyanogenMod Team

CyanogenMod has been a staple in the development community. It’s a joyous day when CyanogenMod is ported to a new device. And the ROM is a beautiful thing. It’s a pretty basic ROM, but allows you to run the absolute newest version of Android available on your aging devices. It’s also a very stable ROM compared to many others on the market. It basically gives new life to a device that may have been abandoned by the manufacturer, and it’s all thanks to the community.

CyanogenMod started out as a one man ROM project by Cyanogen himself (Steve Kondik), but after release it grew fast. It was made available on GitHub, was ported to many devices by many people, and the legacy continues. When Steve got a job at Samsung, he had to slow down, but the community kept on pumping out nightlies like there was no tomorrow.

Now Steve and his group of associates have quit their regular day jobs. CyanogenMod is now a legitimate company, and it doesn’t seem like anything has changed. The rollout of features lately has been incredible (with things like CM Accounts and many privacy feature plans), and they will continue into the future with a few set goals:

  • Organize, lead and support our community
  • Create amazing user experience centered around how YOU work
  • Security solutions that really work
  • Stay committed to building the features our users need
  • No junk
  • Constant updates
  • Available on everything, to everyone

Their next step is to make the install process easier to get more people on board. Installing ROMs is quite complicated, mostly because it’s a little different on every device. A good set of recoveries has helped standardize the process, but it could still use a lot of work. So they are making a CM installer that will be published to the Play Store in only a few weeks!

CyanogenMod may also be making their own smartphone in the near future, running their own software of course. After raising $7 million from investors, they could reveal their plans of a partnership with a hardware manufacturer soon. That’s an exciting prospect, because it’ll be an open device much like the Nexus line.

Now that the CyanogenMod team is a company, it will need some way to generate revenue. We don’t know how it’ll do that, but luckily, the folks will be hosting an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit later today. Keep an eye on the CyanogenMod Twitter for an announcement and start asking questions! We can’t wait to learn more about this company, but we’re very excited about what CyanogenMod can bring to the table now that it’s an actual company. What are your thoughts? Leave a comment and hit the source link to read the full story!

Source: CyanogenMod Blog

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