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Google Glass update XE9 removes the need for data tethering


While Google Glass isn’t a mainstream product yet, it does face an expensive issue: it needs a Bluetooth tethering connection at all times. It gets its data through tethering, and as you know, a tethering plan costs a good chunk of money. Sure, Google Glass itself was $1,500, but look further into the future. Is it easy to justify buying an accessory just to have to pay for that tethering plan every month to use it? For many, that’s an extra $20 a month.

The newest software update to Google Glass gets rid of that tethering requirement, now allowing the MyGlass app to send data directly to Glass without needing to tether it. This is an awesome feature which will allow you to use Google Glass without paying for a tethering plan. I’m sure it’ll also annoy some carriers, but hey, it helps the consumer! Google Glass isn’t a smartphone, it’s an accessory and shouldn’t need tethering.

It’s interesting to see Google ignoring the interest of carriers to bring a better user experience to its users. It’s not often that companies do that, but it’s what should always happen. US carriers have far too much power over manufacturers.

So if you own a pair of Google Glass, let it update itself and go update the MyGlass companion app! You’ll get this new functionality and can call in to cancel that pesky tethering plan.

Source: Phandroid

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