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HTC faces short supply of One Mini, possibly due to casing shortage

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It looks like HTC is facing yet another hardship. The company is slowly going downhill despite its best efforts with the new One and One Mini smartphones. Alleged corruption among its workers and continually low profits don’t bode well. Things aren’t looking great for the once legendary company, and they don’t seem to be getting better. This time, the company is short on One Mini smartphones while consumer and carrier demand rises.

Analysts estimate that the company is shipping around 200,000 units per month, but this isn’t enough to meet demand. This may be due to a casing shortage, as some sources claim, due to design difficulties. The device is a solid piece of metal, so we can imagine this is a possibility. However, it’s always possible that HTC didn’t expect much demand for the smaller phone and is simply shipping low numbers.

Things don’t seem to be getting any better for HTC, but we hope things pick up. HTC is one of the companies that has some serious fans to back it up, so we’d hate to see it dwindle. But there is a significant possibility that the company will post a net loss this financial quarter. Is the One Mini in stock in your area?

Source: Reuters

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