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HTC One max may be “Sprint-bound”


According to @evleaks, it has been “confirmed” that the HTC T6 will launch as the HTC One max (a name we’ve been using for the phone since early June). This information was followed by a second tweet that claimed the HTC One max is headed to Sprint’s network. Unfortunately, no additional information was given, so we don’t know if Sprint will have an exclusive on the One max or if they will be one of several US service providers to offer the phone to their customers. The HTC One is currently available on over a half dozen service providers in the US, but HTC chose to launch the HTC One mini as an AT&T exclusive.

While we were expecting HTC to unveil the HTC One max during IFA last week, it appears HTC isn’t interested in sharing the news cycle with dozens of other smartphone and tablet announcements. Since Apple-related news will be dominating the headlines for the next few weeks, we suspect the company will not unveil the HTC One max until later in the month.

With what we’ve seen for far of the HTC One max, do you think HTC has a shot at competing directly with Samsung in the extra-large device space?

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