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Motorola wants you to get rid of your lazy phone

Moto X Moto Maker

No matter our thoughts on the Moto X (and I know many of you feel very strongly about the device), it’s an innovative device with some pretty cool software features. Touchless control, active control and quick capture  are novel features. But exactly how useful are they in the real world? Motorola’s new advertising campaign attempts to show you.

While some argue that users are the lazy ones, Motorola spins that argument on its head; it’s not you, it’s your phone. Motorola wants you to know your “lazy phone” is detrimental to your life–your business life, your love life and your family life–and the Moto X’s features could help you out. The commercials actually demonstrate a reason to purchase the product, something companies don’t necessarily value in an ad anymore. (See: HTC’s latest ad campaign). In these Moto X ads, the device is personified by a sloppy bearded slouch who refuses to cooperate.

Fire up the ads and enjoy!

Source: Gigaom

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