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LG Nexus 5 appears clearer than ever in new FCC photos

7 months ago 36

While the FCC apparently needs some training on how to take pictures of smartphones, they do offer us the clearest shots yet of the back of what could be the Nexus 5. Phonescoop uncovered these images buried within some filings pertaining to the now released Verizon LG G2, but no one would confuse this device for the G2.

You’ll note that the fairly unique camera and flash configuration matches up perfectly with the Nexus captured during the KitKat statue unveiling.

There isn’t any new information offered with these photos. For a refresher on what to expect inside the device just refer back to the last Nexus leak we have from the FCC. Apparently the FCC is the arch nemesis of Nexus 5 secrecy.

As we said last time, everything is in place for the launch of the new Nexus and Android 4.4, so it’s time for Google to light the lights and start the show.

As some have pointed out in comments already the square cut out at the top of the phone is a mystery. I have to imagine that isn’t part of the final hardware as based on the extremely blurry photo of the top of the phone it breaks up the border of the phone which obviously, I hope anyway, LG wouldn’t do.