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Phonebloks wants your help to create the ultimate customizable phone

1 year ago 28

Motorola has received a lot of praise for the various Moto X customization options available to consumers through MotoMaker. Choose your main color, find the perfect back panel tone to match your style and select the perfect accent color for a touch of flare. Motorola may have the right idea, but it’s only skin deep. Phonebloks wants to take smartphone customization to a whole new level with a modular design which would allow consumers to create the perfect phone based on what features are most important to them. Once you’re outgrown your device (or shattered your display), simply upgrade the components you want without having to get an entirely new device.

Think of Phonebloks as a custom built gaming rig. Not satisfied with the performance of your device after a year, just get that new processing mobile and swap it out yourself.

The concept is phenomenal, but there are quite a few reasons why it will be hard to implement. Unlike other crazy concepts, Phonebloks is not looking for funding or asking you to pledge to support a crowd funding campaign. Instead, they are looking for your support to raise awareness and show smartphone manufacturers that there is consumer demand for a modular smartphone.

We happen to think a concept like this could revolutionize the smartphone industry, but we doubt it will ever happen. Would you be willing to buy a modular smartphone similar to what Phonebloks has envisioned?

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