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Samsung jumping in on the 64 bit processor game


With the announcement of the iPhone 5S, Apple introduced their newest mobile processor: the A7. The Apple A7 processor is special in the fact that it’s 64 bit, which is quite impressive in a mobile phone. Is it necessary? It’s arguable, since 64 bit processors come with advantages and disadvantages. However, Samsung is looking to join the game as well.

Samsung has just announced that it will be using 64 bit processors in its next smartphones, possibly the Galaxy S 5 whenever it comes out. Is this just directly copying Apple? No, a few companies have been working with the 64 bit ARMv8 architecture for a while now. But the announcement was no doubt sparked by Apple.

Now, don’t think that 64 bit processors are only good for recognizing anything over 3.5GB of RAM. They do offer faster performance, but at a cost of more memory used. The new wave of 64 bit Android phones will definitely need 4GB of RAM or more. Hopefully Android will support 64 bit by then, because the software needs to be there to take advantage of the hardware.

Source: SamMobile

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