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Straight Talk now supports LTE on unlocked AT&T devices

10 months ago 21

Many people out there can’t live without 4G LTE. I was stuck with an old AT&T Galaxy S II for a long time, content with HSPA+ 21. It was fast enough for my needs and even tethered just fine. However, when I finally got an LTE device, the speeds blew me away. I was late to the party, but I now know how others feel. LTE is incredibly fast, and there is nothing else like it.

So imagine the frustration of prepaid carrier customers. Most prepaid carriers do not offer LTE, and if they do, it’s not exactly ideal. Straight Talk, for example, offered LTE only using a Sprint Galaxy S III, and we all know how well Sprint performs. But starting today, Straight Talk will now provide LTE service to those with unlocked AT&T smartphones with LTE capability!

You’ll need an AT&T compatible SIM from Straight Talk to get LTE, but now it’s going to be available to those who bring their own devices. And with a $45 unlimited everything plan, it’s a great bargain (throttling aside). Now that a prepaid carrier has cheap LTE, are you more tempted to switch? Leave a comment!