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Verizon is at it again: it won’t activate the Nexus 7 LTE


Big carriers never make our lives much easier. The Nexus 7 LTE model was recently released with LTE working on AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon (which was a big surprise). Obviously, people want to start using their new tablets. And while Verizon hasn’t fully locked down their network from this tablet, it will not activate the device with a new line.

It’s true that you can toss in a new SIM and have the device working in no time. It’s really that easy, if you have an extra activated SIM lying around. But if you want to add a new line, Verizon has put you in a bad situation. Because the Nexus 7 LTE is not part of their lineup, they say it cannot be activated on their network. So if you purchased a Nexus 7 LTE, you may want to avoid Verizon Wireless.

You can always head to AT&T or T-Mobile, which will both provide you with LTE, along with 3G and HSPA+ from their GSM networks. But if you had your heart set on using the Nexus 7 LTE with Verizon, you might want to hold off on that purchase for a little while, at least until Verizon officially responds to this.

Of course, this just goes to show how broken our carrier system is here in the US. A carrier will deny you a new line because they don’t like the device you brought, despite it being a device designed to work on the network. But it’s just a good reason not to give them your money. Speak out, and then things will start changing. Hopefully public pressure will force Verizon to go back on this decision.

Source: Android Community

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