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Google’s Hangouts app getting several new features including SMS integration


During Google’s ‘A Morning with Google+’ livestream this morning some fantastic announcements were made regarding the Google Hangouts app. Here are the new features:

SMS Integration

Finally. I think we’ve been waiting for this for a LONG TIME. Finally, we’ll be able to just have one app where we can write to phones and computers in a seamless experience. Hangouts will now have SMS integration and it can be used to text over SMS or data. Thank you Google. I’m really excited about this.

Location Sharing


Google also announced location sharing via the Hangouts app today. If a friend is trying to find you, or if you’re trying to find a friend, the pin button at the bottom of the Hangouts app will easily locate you and share your location with your family and friends. Note: You don’t HAVE to share your location, but the new feature is that you easily can. It’s all simply built in.

Animated GIFs


Who doesn’t love animated GIFs?!? If you don’t love GIFs then you’re probably not human. With this new Hangouts update we will now be able to share GIFs which is the perfect addition to go along with Google+’s auto awesome feature. I have tons of silly GIFs of my kids created by Google+ that would be awesome to share over Hangouts. I’m thrilled about this new feature and can’t wait to try it out.

So what do you think of the new announcements? Which one is your favorite? How are you going to use the new features? What GIF are you going to send first? Let us know by sharing in the comments below!

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