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LG’s slightly less WTF-worthy G Flex breaks cover


Closely following Samsung’s announcement of their perplexing curved smartphone, the Galaxy Round, Engadget has just revealed three renders of LG’s first attempt at a device with a bent display: the LG Flex.

Where Samsung’s Galaxy Round is curved from left to right, the LG G Flex is curved from top to bottom, similar to the ergonomical Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus. The G Flex has a much more pronounced curve than those two devices, however, and boasts a six-inch display to go along with it. A solid spec-sheet and price-point have yet to leak on the G Flex, but Engadget claims it will be released next month, just in time for the holiday season. Spec wise, we imagine the device will be relatively high-end.

Much like the Galaxy Round, it’s hard to see the G Flex selling in droves. Especially compared to each device’s closely related non-curved flagship counterpart. Samsung is trying to differentiate the Round from other Galaxy products by adding software features that play nicely with the handset’s unique design. Like the ability to rock the device against its curve to check notifications. It’ll be interesting to see how LG positions the G Flex against devices like the G2.

I can’t see myself buying either of these handsets, but you never know. Are you going to be jumping on the curved smartphone bandwagon, or are you letting this one pass you by?

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Source: Engadget

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