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Samsung’s WTF-worthy curved smartphone in full rendered glory


Both the Nexus S and the Galaxy Nexus could be considered curved Samsung smartphones, but they’ve both got nothing on the curved smartphone evleaks is saying is the real deal.

Making its first appearance with nothing but the words “do not adjust your display” attached, evleaks’ has provided the world with a render rumored to be Samsung’s upcoming curved smartphone. Going by the model number SM-G910S, evleaks is calling the device “strictly a Korean curiosity, for now.” And you can probably see why.

Where the Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus were curved for enhanced usability, to better rest against the natural curves of your face, the SM-G910S is a monster among freaks. The device is curved vertically, with the left and right edges folding up to form the smartphone equivalent of a half-pipe, taco shell, rolling paper, luge track. After looking at the renders, you have to wonder how Samsung plans to sell this thing. Perhaps in their home-country of Korea, simply being first to market with a curved smartphone will be enough, but we can’t imagine this thing catching on worldwide.

Other than the curved display, it appears to feature LTE-Advanced, and borrows heavily from the design of the Note 3. Fake stitching and all.

Just yesterday, PhoneArea cited asiae.co.kr as saying Samsung would release a device similar in specs to the Galaxy Note 3, in limited quanities in Korea, called the Galaxy Round. It’s starting to look like that report is spot on. We’ll keeping digging for more info on the SM-G910S, or the Galaxy Round, but until then, we’re dying to know what you think.


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