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Android 4.3 update schedule for US Samsung Galaxy devices leaked, provides Galaxy Gear support

Samsung update schedule

The Galaxy Gear has many faults, but the biggest one is arguably compatibility. It would be great if it worked with all Android phones like the Sony SmartWatch 2, but that isn’t the case. Not even most Galaxy devices are supported, with only the Galaxy Note 3 supporting the new smartwatch right now. That’s a pretty big downfall and is most likely causing a lot of lost sales.

So it should be no surprise that carriers are eager to push out the Android 4.3 update to their older Galaxy devices when you hear what the update includes. The Android 4.3 update, while being awesome and beneficial in itself, also brings Galaxy Gear support. A schedule has been leaked that provides the update times for multiple Galaxy devices on the four biggest carriers, and things are looking very good.

As you probably know, updates in the US are generally incredibly slow, with delays coming both from the OEMs and from the carriers. But the Galaxy Gear support has seemingly lit a fire under their bottoms, as almost all the updates are coming within a month. Only a few updates are releasing in December, while most are in November and a few are coming this month!

Keep in mind that these dates could change at any time. They are not set in stone, and knowing carriers, there will be delays. But for those with one of these devices, it’s great news that the (currently) newest version of Android is coming soon and bringing support for the Galaxy Gear. Are you guys excited?

Source: Android Police

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