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ChromeCatch allows iOS devices to receive Chromecast streams

Google Chromecast

A Chromecast may be cheap, but it isn’t free. What if you want to create your own Chromecast out of old devices you have lying around the house? It’s free, it’s good to recycle and it keeps electronics out of the landfill. There are already unofficial methods to allow Android devices to receive a Chromecast stream, but what about iOS?

ChromeCatch is an iOS app available on the Apple App Store that turns your iOS device into a Chromecast receiver, allowing you to cast videos and music from laptops and Android devices to your iOS device, like an iPad. And I can already hear you saying, “This is an Android blog! Why are you writing about an iOS app? Off with your head!” But let me propose this.

You’re a recent Android convert. You have a perfectly good iPad lying around, but you look upon it as a shameful reminder of your past purchase decisions. Why not use it as a Chromecast hooked up to your TV, streaming YouTube from your brand new Android device? It’s smart, and you’d be saving yourself some money.

The current version of this app is limited to YouTube, Google Play Music and a few other services. More features are coming in free future software updates, so keep the app around if it doesn’t quite fit your usage scenarios yet. It’s an awesome way to recycle that old iOS device, so get on it!

Source: ChromeCatch

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