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Final Fantasy VI remake coming to Android with sharper graphics, less grinding

Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy fans have a reason to get excited. Developer Square Enix will be remaking another game for our favorite mobile platform. This time, the remake will be of Final Fantasy VI. The game won’t be a straight port, with some modifications done to it just like the other games that have been released on mobile.

First of all, the battle systems have been modified to make leveling up easier. Previously, the game required grinding to level up, but the developers removed that so the core game will be more enjoyable and so the focus will be on the gameplay itself. Second, the 2D graphics have been sharpened for a better look on today’s high resolution displays.

The game shall be out this winter for both Android and iOS, for owners of both types of devices. And when asked about a remake of Final Fantasy VII, in case you were wondering when the next one would be out before this one is even released, Square Enix director and producer Takashi Tokita says that they would want to make a remake for mobile someday, but first comes Final Fantasy: The After Years.

Via: Engadget

Source: Kotaku

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