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Google looking for willing subjects to test new products

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Google always has internal projects being created, cool stuff we may never see or may come as future products. It has released “beta” products for testing before, such as Google Glass, but it looks as if Google is planning to take it one step further. The latest Google Play email contains a link to sign up for a user experience research study.

This program is, at the moment, very vague but there is some information. Generally, you will be giving feedback on existing and unreleased Google products. This means both software and hardware, so you just might receive a prototype device of some sorts to play around with. There will also be times where, if you live close enough, you will be asked to go to a Google office and talk to a researcher one on one. If not, you will be doing this over the internet or phone. Or you might even have a researcher come to you.

This is an exciting program that might yield some cool toys to play with, and of course it will help Google with their own products. Everyone wins! You have to be 18 years old to sign up, so don’t go lying about your age. Hit the source link to sign up and be sure to read their FAQ!

Source: Google

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