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[Update] Google sending out invites for October 24 event



According to the source of this invite, Russell Holly, who is always spot on with his information, there will be no new hardware at this event. Google, quit playing games with my heart!

Original article:

Among a myriad of leaks and rumors and conspiracy theories, Google is finally sending out press invites to an October 24 event inviting everyone to join them for a “night out with Google Play.”

That’s right, just six days from now, Google will be unveiling the latest and greatest products they’ve been cooking up in Mountain View. The invite is rather bland, and doesn’t mention anything about Android, KitKat or the Nexus 5, but it’s hard to imagine Google throwing an event right now without announcing everything you need to know on the update and handset. We might even get some Nexus 10, Google Watch and Android TV news if we’re lucky.

The event itself kicks off at 7PM EDT in New York City. Google has been known to stream their events through YouTube, we imagine this event will be no different. We’ll be sure to update you with all the information you need to know on the event, so be sure to keep a lookout.

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