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Google’s smartwatch could be only a few months away from mass production


The Wall Street Journal has a lot of information on Google’s smartwatch, and if it ends up being true, we could see a release fairly soon. There have been virtually no substantial leaks on the device (which is great; I love a surprise), but this new information might help us piece together what kind of product we could see in the future.

The device is said to be running Android and based on Google Now, which will provide information as you need it often without you having to ask. The device won’t be connected to the Internet on its own, but instead will use a connected smartphone to download data. This won’t be a device you’ll have to buy a whole new SIM plan for.

Google is said to be focusing on battery life with this device, as we know how bad smartwatch battery life can get. Samsung’s Galaxy Gear lasts about a day on a single charge, and Google is trying to cut down on power usage to extend that time. Hopefully it’ll be at least three days, but a week long battery life is probably out of the question.

If this information is to be believed, Google’s smartwatch is a few months away from mass production. Despite the sparse info available, Google may just be very secretive and planning to launch the product in the first half of next year. Maybe that’s a little hopeful, but we can’t wait to see it. We also hope that Google will beat Apple to market.

Google’s smartwatch has to be very well priced to catch people’s eye over a recognizable brand like Galaxy, but for those who really know the difference it should be a fairly easy choice. Are you looking forward to Google’s smartwatch or are you not a fan of wearable technology? Leave a comment!

Via: Engadget

Source: Wall Street Journal

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