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HTC One max fingerprint scanner data stored locally, HTC has no access


With the huge concerns over the lack of privacy these days, we try to relish every bit of privacy we can hold on it. Being spied on is absolutely no fun, so our gadgets should be made more and more secure, even from the prying eye of our own government. When the iPhone 5S was announced, people were worried about the Touch ID fingerprint scanner sharing your fingerprint data with Apple, and in extension, the government.

Now, I don’t quite see the worry in this because the government probably has your fingerprint already, but it’s still not a good thing for companies to share that information. Luckily, Apple confirmed that the data is local and it cannot be used/sold by Apple. But what about the HTC One max and its new fingerprint scanner?

HTC had a very similar thing to say, that the fingerprint data is stored in the system partition and encrypted, cutting off access to HTC or any other third parties. Also, the fingerprint scanner does not store a direct image of your fingerprint, but “fingerprint characteristics that have been identified by a proprietary algorithm.”

There you have it. Your precious fingerprint is safe with your device, as long as it isn’t stolen. Use that fingerprint scanner without fear, if it’s even useful at all. Everything else, however, is not safe on the internet.

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Source: Phone Arena

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