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Hugo Barra states that Xiaomi sold 100,000 Mi3′s in under 90 seconds

Xiaomi Mi3

Ever since Hugo Barra left Google for Xiaomi, we’ve been curious how Xiaomi will grow and where the company will go next. As a company unknown to most people outside of China, we are excited to see it succeed and spread. And according to Hugo’s tweet, Xiaomi is doing pretty dang well in its home country.

The tweet states that Xiaomi sold 100,000 Mi3 smartphones in under 90 seconds, which is incredible. What makes it even more incredible is that this is for China alone, the only place this phone is currently sold. Considering they sell these devices at very low prices, they need high sales for high profits.

However, our biggest hope is yet to come true. Xiaomi is still confined to its home country of China, and we can’t wait until it spreads to Europe and the United States. Hugo Barra will eventually make that happen, but until then, we can drool at that Snapdragon 800/Tegra 4 powered beast of a phone. Would you buy one?

Source: @hbarra

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