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LG’s newest Swedish ad criticizes your smartphone, suggests a G2

LG G2 Teaser

The best way to make an advertisement for a product is to show people why they want the product. Failing to do that, the next step is to belittle your competition. And while it’s hard to do tastefully, it seems that LG managed to pull it off in a very interesting way.

Its newest ad campaign doesn’t just talk about how the LG G2 is better than other phones, it tells you how the G2 is better than your phone. It targets specific phones and tells you how the G2 bests it. On a Galaxy S4, you’ll see the fact that the G2 has a “20% faster processor.” On the HTC One, you’ll see that the G2 has “30% longer battery life.” And on an iPhone, you’ll see something about display size.

LG ad

While it may anger some people, it’s actually a pretty clever way of telling people why they should upgrade. It’s also unique, which earns LG and M&C Saatchi (the advertising company) some points. However, it’s exclusive to Sweden so we won’t be seeing it in the US. Would you be offended by such an ad?

Source: Android Community

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