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Microsoft, HTC in talks about Windows Phone option on Android devices


As you may know, Microsoft Windows Phone has not been doing well in regards to user adoption. And HTC has not been doing well with sales… or profitability in general. Combining a failing company and a failing operating system is either the best or the worst idea ever, but Microsoft seems intent on it. According to information provided, Microsoft is talking to HTC about installing Windows Phone on their Android devices.

The details on this proposition are very light. Microsoft seems to want HTC’s Android-based hardware to run Windows Phone, but it doesn’t state whether it would dual boot or just be an option to the user when purchasing the phone. It’s not likely that Microsoft would approve of a dual boot system, as app support alone would keep most people on the Android side, but an HTC One running Windows Phone 8 does sound pretty cool.

On the other hand, dual booting would allow more people to give Windows Phone a try without having to sacrifice their app portfolio from Android. People could boot into Windows Phone and maybe fall in love with it, adopting its ecosystem and making Microsoft a good amount of money. Windows Phone is an admittedly nice OS, so that could work out if executed and advertised properly.

Microsoft may also be planning to lower their licensing fees. The company charges a fee for companies to use Windows Phone on their devices, and paired with slow adoption, many companies have stopped making the devices (like HTC and LG). A lower licensing fee can help get HTC to agree to run Windows Phone again.

If HTC were to release a Windows Phone/Android hybrid HTC One and use Microsoft’s advertising budget to advertise the heck out of the device, it could sell pretty well. But poor execution and poor advertising have always been HTC’s Achilles heel. Would you buy this Windows Phone/Android hybrid device from HTC, if it ever came into existence? Leave a comment!

Via: Engadget

Source: Bloomberg

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