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Moto X drops to $99.99 on-contract for AT&T, Sprint


The biggest complaint about the Moto X so far has been price. People have been unwilling to pay $200 on-contract for what they don’t consider to be a high-end phone. Now, this can be discussed endlessly, but if people don’t want to buy it, they won’t buy it. And it seems like AT&T and Motorola noticed this, because the AT&T Moto X has dropped in price to $99.99 on-contract when buying through the Moto Maker customization suite. If 16GB isn’t enough for you, the AT&T exclusive 32GB model has also been discounted to just $149.99.

AT&T isn’t the only one. Sprint has dropped their Moto X to $99.99 on-contract, as well. And US Cellular is offering $75 if you switch carriers and port your phone number over, making the Moto X a measly $25. Verizon, as expected, has kept its price of $199.99 so far. Strangely, buying a non-customized Moto X from AT&T still costs $199.99, so the new price only applies to Moto Maker.

This makes the Moto X infinitely more attractive. I’m actually tempted to get one (in black with blue accents most likely) as a second phone, because I really love the idea of touchless voice actions in the car. Plus, small phones have always stolen my heart. Does this make you want to buy a Moto X? Can the price now be justified? Leave a comment!

Via: Android Police

Source: Moto Maker

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