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Motorola puts Moto X camera app updates on Play Store, teases KitKat

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The Moto X was released to less-than-spectacular consumer reaction. It wasn’t a bad phone by any means, but it had its miscellaneous issues. A big one was poor camera performance, which was recently rectified with a software update. However, the software updates are released by the carrier, so customers who purchased the device have to wait a while before getting them.

To speed up the process a little, Motorola has uploaded the Moto X camera app to the Play Store, allowing an update without carrier consent. Now, all Moto X users can download the update to the app as soon as its released to fix bugs or improve features. This update adds a brighter viewfinder, expands Quick Capture and fixes bugs.

Then, in the wake of the release of Android 4.4 KitKat, Motorola posted a teaser to its Google+ page.

It looks like Motorola has plans for Android 4.4 KitKat. Unfortunately, there are no release dates or even specifics on what phone it’ll get to first. But with the Moto X closest to stock Android, it’ll probably get the update first. Hopefully this teaser is an indication that it’ll happen fairly soon, but there are no guarantees.


Source: Engadget, +Motorola

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