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New photos leaked of old Key Lime Pie build on Nexus 5

Android 4.4 KLP Leak 1

We’ve seen quite a few small leaks of Android 4.4 so far, but nothing to really show off the new features. This newest leak goes into the settings menus and other places to show the existence of a few new features. Unfortunately, it’s still a build of Key Lime Pie, just like the rest. So far, we haven’t seen a new build of KitKat in the wild, but this will do. It’s running on a Nexus 5, codename Hammerhead, but like with other old builds, it states it is a Nexus 4.

In Android 4.4, Google has included a new printing option in the settings. It’s in its early stages, as seen by the lack of a proper icon in settings, but it contains some settings like choosing a printer, color and orientation. This should be a useful feature to those who work from their phones.

Another is the inclusion of “Payments” in the settings menu. This is probably integration for the new Google Wallet, which allows for managing and transferring money without NFC. “Manage mobile plan” is a new setting that will take you to your carrier’s site. It was hidden in earlier Android versions, but appears in 4.4.

The two other notable things are the same white icons in the status bar we’ve seen before and a change in the dialer. The color of the bottom is different and the numbers are now centered, with the letters creating a crooked appearance. I can’t say I’m a fan of the dialer. Check out the full gallery to see all the photos of Android 4.4!

Android 4.4 KLP Leak 1 Android 4.4 KLP Leak 2 Android 4.4 KLP Leak 3 Android 4.4 KLP Leak 4 Android 4.4 KLP Leak 5 Android 4.4 KLP Leak 6 Android 4.4 KLP Leak 7 Android 4.4 KLP Leak 8 Android 4.4 KLP Leak 9 Android 4.4 KLP Leak 10

Via: Android Police

Source: Gadget Helpline

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  2. Xperia CGuest 2 years ago
  3. First! As in relevant post anyway. I noticed it also says mobile networks. Wonder if that’s for turning LTE on and off?

    • Mobile network option has been around for ages, it may go back to the beginning (probably wrong on that tho). Bit it’s on my phone. I have no got or had a 4g phone, but withing mobile networks you can toggle between 3g, 2g or both. Also turn on/of data and roaming etc.

      I’m liking the baked in printing. Atm I use smart office 2 to see my wifi printer.

  4. I like the printer option and I like the print to pdf option more.

  5. miorliGuest 2 years ago

    Any info about the Kernel used? Should be accessible from the settings..

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