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Samsung CEO JK Shin says Samsung sold 40 million Galaxy S4s

samsung galaxy s 4

People love taking the “doomsday” approach when it comes to popular companies. A product they don’t quite like is released, and suddenly the company is on the decline. Apple has been “failing” for years, despite being incredibly profitable. And there have been so many “final nails in the coffin for HTC” that we worry someone forgot to put HTC in the coffin first. No, just because a product is lackluster doesn’t mean the company is suddenly on the decline.

Rumors were spreading that the Samsung Galaxy S4 wasn’t selling as well as expected due to not much having changed between generations. While I disagree with the lack of change (it’s literally a whole new phone, even if the look is somewhat similar), hard numbers don’t lie. In speaking to Korean media, Samsung CEO JK Shin revealed some sales numbers for the Galaxy S4.

Within the first month, Samsung shipped 10 million Galaxy S4 smartphones out. Keep in mind that this isn’t sold, but shipped. And JK Shin says that, in the last six months, Samsung has sold 40 million units. As proof that the Galaxy S4 is succeeding, the Galaxy S III sold only 30 million units in six months.

So there you have it. Both Samsung and its Galaxy S4 are succeeding, despite naysayers that show up every year. Hopefully this will ease some heated discussions on how well Samsung is doing, because whether you like it or not, Samsung isn’t going anywhere.

Via: 9to5 Google

Source: iNews 24

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