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White Nexus 5 retail packaging leaks

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After the last several Nexus phones have been released in slick, sexy black, a short time later a clean, modern white variant launches. Why both colors are never available together at launch, we have no idea. But that might finally be changing this year.

New pictures of the retail packaging for the heavily leaked Nexus 5 have appeared online, showing the device in a two-tone white model. Similar to the Nexus 4 and Galaxy Nexus, the white Nexus 5 pictured features a white back piece, but still retains a black display. Even the bezels seem to remain black this time around, where they were white on the last two Nexus phones. As to whether or not this is the real deal, the general consensus seems to be it is. And we agree.

The fact that retail packaging for a white model is already available in the wild gives us hope that the second color option will be announced alongside the black model when it comes out presumably before the end of the month. Just don’t get your hopes up quite yet. What do you think, if the white variant launches alongside the black model, which one will you be picking up? If the display and bezel on the white model were white as well, I’d be very tempted. But alas, it looks like for me, black it is.

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Via: Android Central

Source: iTechTriad

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