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Android Device Manager may be disabled by Google Play Services update; go re-enable it

Android Device Manager

Android Device Manager is an incredible tool for those who are absent minded or just unlucky. If you misplace your phone, you can use ADM to make it ring even if it’s on silent. If you lose it, you can locate it using a computer or even wipe it if you have very sensitive data on it. Once you lose your phone, ADM will be your last hope… that’s something you don’t want to be without.

But strangely, the newest update to the Google Play Services is leaving people without Android Device Manager, and unknowingly, too. The update seems to be disabling ADM entirely for some, but not for everyone. So if you have Google Play Services 4.0.30 or 4.0.31 (check by going to Settings > Applications > All > Google Play services), your ADM might be disabled.

Luckily, this is a very easy fix. Simply go to Settings > Security > Device administrators and re-enable Android Device Manager. If you’ll someday need it, and we hope you never do, you don’t want it to be off.

However, does it worry anyone else that Google decides to release an update to a crucial part of most Android phones that just sneakily disables a feature that can save someone’s device? I think that’s absolutely ridiculous. Unfortunately, there isn’t much we can do. Just stay smart and keep it enabled. And if it is enabled, check on it once in a while. Was yours suddenly disabled? Leave a comment with your device, Android version and Play Services version!

Source: Android Police

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