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AT&T Moto X update soak test invitations being sent out

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Now that Motorola has shocked the world by updating the Verizon Moto X to Android 4.4 before most other Android devices on the market, many owners of other Moto X variants are likely wondering if their model will be next in line to have a piece of that KitKat bar broken off for them. Motorola hasn’t made any official announcements about its update schedule quite yet, but a newly-leaked email indicates that it could be AT&T’s Moto X that’s due to get 4.4 next.

Motorola is in the process of sending emails to AT&T Moto X owners that are a part of its Motorola Feedback Network that includes an invitation to take part in the soak test of a new update. While the update doesn’t include any real information regarding the update itself, the combination of this soak test, the Verizon Moto X’s KitKat update and Motorola’s tease that it’d have more Android 4.4 news for other carriers “very soon” suggests that AT&T Moto X owners will soon be snapping into their own piece of Google’s KitKat bar. I hope you’re hungry, AT&T Moto X-ers.

Source: Android Central

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