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CyanogenMod installer comes to the Play Store, desktop client along with it

CyanogenMod Generic

Installing custom ROMs has never quite been easy (outside of a Nexus device of course). Most phones require using an exploit to root, and some phones even require unlocking the bootloader. You’re lucky if there is an official method of doing so, but some may not be so lucky. Then you’ll have to install a custom recovery, and flash the ROM through that. Not a fun process when installing such a mainstream ROM as CyanogenMod

CyanogenMod Installer

Thankfully, the devs behind CyanogenMod are working hard to fix that. The first fruit of their efforts is the CyanogenMod installer, which when paired with a desktop client and a compatible phone connected via USB, will allow the install of CyanogenMod automatically. It’ll root, unlock, and do everything you need while guiding you through the process.

If you’re down for trying it out, check out the CyanogenMod Wiki to see if your phone is compatible, and read the FAQ. Then, hit the widget for the installer app and hit the source link for the desktop client (for Windows Vista and above). Tell us how you like it and how well it works!


Via: Android Police

Source: CyanogenMod Desktop Client

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