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Facebook for Android will get facelift in version 4.0

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For as popular as Facebook is, the Android app still isn’t as good as it should be. Performance is flaky, and it really doesn’t look the greatest. But at least Facebook is working on it. In the newest Facebook test build for Android, the app has received a new, more Holo-esque look that finally brings it into the future.

While functionality in the app appears to remain the same, nearly everything looks different. App navigation now resides under the action bar, near the top of your display, while status, photo and check in buttons now reside near the bottom. Icons are flatter and more bold, and there’s been some small changes to Facebook’s signature blue as well. All in all, the app looks very handsome now. But this is probably far from a final release.

There’s no telling when this updated version of Facebook for Android will launch, though we’re guessing it will be a while. Even if you sideload a copy of Facebook version 4.0, Facebook has to decide who can see the new UI and who cannot — a good sign that it’s still in the earliest of stages. Facebook does seem to be pretty fast about pumping this kind of stuff out, just don’t hold your breath.

Source: Android Police

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