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Google confirms new camera API with RAW and burst support in next Android release

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The camera experience on stock Android has been subpar at best. Not even due to the mediocre/poor cameras found in Nexus devices, but really poor software. The camera app has been terrible until recently, and even now it isn’t very good. Add on poor image processing and lack of simple features such as burst mode, and you have a product that isn’t quite consumer quality.

Some code was found in Google’s servers that showed a new camera API, one that supports burst shot and camera RAW. Camera RAW would add a new dimension to photo editing, and offering it as an API would give photo editor apps much more power. Burst shot is something that should have been included back when the Galaxy Nexus got an instant shutter camera.

Now Google has confirmed that this is all coming in the next Android release. There is no release date given, but it should be an update to KitKat itself and not an entire new release. It should really help the struggling Nexus 5 out with its camera, as the sensor should be much better than the results its currently giving. Are you hoping for an improved camera experience on the Nexus 5?

Via: Droid-Life

Source: CNET

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