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Google finally releases physical Wallet card, can now be ordered

Don't look for Google Wallet on the Epic 4G Touch.

The Google Wallet card was referenced in the Google Wallet APK a long time ago, getting us excited that Google has been working on a physical card that encapsulates all our cards through the Google Wallet account and app. We hadn’t heard anything for so long, we kind of forgot about it. But it’s finally back, and it’s available to order straight from Google!

The card can be used anywhere, just like a standard card can, without the need for NFC. It will automatically draw money from your Google Wallet balance, though it is unclear whether it will be able to draw money from the cards stored in your Wallet account. According to the earlier reference, you can select the card it will automatically use in the Wallet app, and we hope that is the case now. A card limited to your Wallet balance is not all that useful.

As someone who now uses Isis because Google Wallet doesn’t work on my AT&T phone, it’s exciting to see Google push an all-in-one card, especially a free one. I ordered one, and I suggest you do too. Keep in mind that it’s most likely US only, though. Hit the source link to go to the Wallet website, and on the left, hit “Wallet app and card.” There, you will be able to order one after verifying your identity, if you haven’t already. It should arrive in 10-12 days, then you can activate it! Are you guys as excited as I am to give it a try?

Via: Android Police

Source: Google Wallet

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