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Google Glass soon getting Play Music support, stereo earphones

Google Glass Earphones

There have been reports of the Google Play Music app working on Google Glass, at least to an extent. And now, Google has made this future feature official. There is very little information, but Google says that Google Play Music is coming to Glass in the next few weeks.

Along with the announcement of the app, there are also new earphones. They plug into the same port used by the mono earbud that works with the new revision of Google Glass and will provide audio quality good enough for music. Also, they will be customizable with five colors of caps that can be put on them.

Google also showed off a video of the new Google Glass, paired with the new earbuds, being used with Google Play Music All Access. I suggest you give it a watch. Google Glass is being improved every single month with every update, so are you more inclined to buy it?

Via: Android Community

Source: +Google Glass

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