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Google Opinion Rewards gives you Play Store credit for completing surveys

Google Opinion Rewards

We all know those suspicious ads: “Complete surveys and get paid! Earn eleventy billion dollars a week on surveys!” It’s almost always fake, and when it isn’t, the payout isn’t good. Always be suspicious of those kinds of sites. Unless it’s coming from Google; then things are a little different.

Google’s latest app is called Opinion Rewards, and you guessed it, it rewards you for your opinions. Specifically, it will offer surveys and reward you with Google Play credit. Inside the app, you’ll have to enter some information about yourself (gender, location, etc.) and fill out a sample survey to get started. You’ll also need a Google Wallet account to get credited.

There won’t be many surveys, around one a week, and not all of them will offer compensation. They’ll be around 10 questions each. You’ll get a notification when new surveys are available and it should be a fun little thing to do in your free time. Plus, it can help fund your app-buying addiction. If you’re interested, click the widget and install the app on your Android phone.


Source: Rootz Wiki

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