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HTC sends off KitKat build for the One Google Play edition to Google, should come out soon

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The Google Play edition phones, namely the HTC One GPe and Galaxy S4 GPe, are basically the standard consumer phones with stock Android instead of a manufacturer skin. They were expected to get updates slower than Nexus devices, but quicker than any other phone. So when Google announced the KitKat update rolling out to the Nexus 7 2012 and 2013, we knew that the Google Play edition phones would have to wait.

However, HTC seems to be on top of the game here, as it has finished the KitKat update code for the HTC One Google Play edition and has sent it off to Google. Their promise of the GPe device getting KitKat in 15 days or less seems to be spot on, which is fantastic.

But how funny is it that the One GPe might get the KitKat update before the Nexus 4? And even if it doesn’t, it’ll be close. I’d be embarrassed if I was Google. Is it another issue with Qualcomm, or is it just laziness or disorganization on Google’s part?

The update should roll out really soon. There is no timeframe from Google, but it shouldn’t take very long. The code is done, after all. How many of you own an HTC One Google Play edition? Are you excited that HTC managed to get the update finished so fast? Leave a comment!

Source: @HTCUSA

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