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LG G Flex’s flexibility and self healing back put to the test

LG G Flex

We’ve all seen LG’s unique G Flex smartphone. It’s one of the only smartphones with a true flexible display inside (along with the Samsung Galaxy Round), but it offers so much more than just a curved phone. According to LG’s advertising, the phone can actually flex without breaking, and the self healing back can repair scratches. But how much of it is just marketing?

MKBHD put the device to the test, first using a set of keys, then taking a sharp knife to it. He compares it to the ads LG put out, and sees if the device actually repairs itself. Lo and behold, minor scratches actually do heal after a while! They are not 100% gone, but they become very hard to see.

With a deep scratch from the knife, the panel found it difficult to recover. The scratch was still visible, but it had become far more subtle. The self healing back really does work, even if not perfectly, and that’s already far better than the competition. And of course, the device flexes as advertised without damage.

So the LG G Flex performs as advertised, which is of course great to hear. The self healing back is pretty incredible and should be on more devices, while the durability of the device makes it more appealing to those who aren’t careful. What do you think? Leave a comment!

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