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Motorola discounting no contract Moto Xs by $150 on Monday, says wooden backs coming soon

Motorola Moto X

Bargain hunters, take note, because Motorola just announced that it’ll be offering quite a discount on the Moto X next week. The company says that it will be discounting all off contract Moto X units by $150 on Cyber Monday, Dec. 2, including custom Moto Maker devices and the Developer Edition models. The no contract 16GB Moto Maker-ized Moto X currently starts at $499.99, meaning that shoppers will be able to snag a custom Moto X for as low as $349.99 next Monday.

The Moto X originally launched in late August with a no contract price of $579.99, so being able to snag a contract-free device for just $349.99 is a pretty good deal, especially since that price applies to units customized through Moto Maker as well. Motorola does note that supplies for Monday’s sale will be “limited,” which means that if you’re thinking about pulling the trigger on a Moto X during next week’s sale, it’s probably not a bad idea to start planning out your customizations and warming up your mouse-clicking finger right now.

In other Moto X news, Motorola recently told Reuters reporter Sinead Carew that the wooden back customization option will finally be added to Moto Maker in the “coming weeks.” Obviously that’s a rather vague timeframe, but Carew clarified that the rear panels will be available in time for holiday shopping, and so we should finally see the wooden backs appear in Moto Maker sometime in the next few weeks. There’s still no word on how much of a premium that the addition of a wood back will carry, but a recent rumor suggested that pricing could be set at $50.

Source: +Motorola, @sineadcarew

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