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Motorola’s entire line of 2012 Droid devices will be updated to KitKat


Today is a marvelous day for updates. Not only are the international Samsung Galaxy Note II and T-Mobile Galaxy S III getting Android 4.3, but the Verizon Motorola Moto X is getting Android 4.4. Now, Motorola has made some changes to their update support guide that show a whole handful of other Motorola phones will be updated to KitKat.

We previously knew the 2013 lineup of Motorola Droid devices would be getting updated to Android 4.4 KitKat, and now we know the 2012 lineup will share the same fate. The means the Droid RAZR HD, HD MAXX and RAZR M will all be updated to Android 4.4. Also being updated to 4.4 is the Atrix HD and US Cellular Electrify M.

When it was announced this morning that the Verizon Moto X was already being updated to Android 4.4, we were blown away. Verizon has strict standards for their updates, which means Motorola had to have worked extra hard to get the update up to snuff this quickly. Beating a Nexus device to update is no easy task, but Motorola has done it. If the Nexus team at Google doesn’t get their act together, Motorola could become the manufacturer to buy from if you want big updates first.

Source: DroidLife

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