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Samsung starting rollout of Android 4.3 to international Galaxy Note II

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Samsung Galaxy Note II users have had to be quite patient. The device was launched with Android 4.1 over a year ago and hasn’t been updated since. With the release of Android 4.2, Samsung planned an update. But with the subsequent release of Android 4.3, Samsung stated that it will skip 4.2 and update the Galaxy Note II directly to 4.3.

Not getting a major update for over a year is hard enough, but while Samsung has been making the 4.3 update, Android 4.4 has officially launched and come to some Nexus devices. Android updates come out fast, and Samsung has been a bit slow with keeping older devices updated. Though Samsung has been slower than HTC to keep their flagship updated, HTC has not even spoken about when its older devices will be updated, so Samsung has that going for them.

Now, the Android 4.3 update is rolling out to international Galaxy Note IIs. It won’t instantly come to everyone, so be a little patient. And if the leaked schedule is correct, the US models should be seeing updates very soon. AT&T and Sprint models should get them tomorrow, the Verizon model on November 29 and T-Mobile December 2. These schedules are often wrong by a small period of time, so don’t take them to heart.

It’s great to see Samsung supporting older devices, whereas other manufacturers often abandon them. That’s a reason to like Samsung: your old high-end devices won’t be abandoned so easily. Are you rocking an international Galaxy Note II? If so, have you received the update? Or are you using a US variant and waiting? Leave a comment!

Source: Android Police

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