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Samsung updates Galaxy Gear to display any and all notifications

AT&T Galaxy Note 3 Galaxy Gear

Samsung has made the Galaxy Gear smartwatch very proprietary, especially considering that it doesn’t work with anything but Samsung devices. But it also didn’t show Gmail notifications, forcing you to use the original Samsung email app. Many other apps would simply show up on the Gear saying there was a notification, nothing more.

Now with the latest update to the Galaxy Gear, all notifications can now be displayed on the smartwatch display. Using the Gear manager app on your phone, you can select what apps can and cannot display notifications. This can include anything from Gmail to Twitter. This is excellent news for those who own the device and could encourage others to purchase it (the AT&T Galaxy S4 is receiving its 4.3 update with compatibility built in, so there is incentive).

This is definitely a large improvement to the device and opens up more uses for it. We hope that the Gear continues getting better and better as time goes on! Does this make you more inclined to buy one? It sure does for me.

Source: SamMobile

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