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Does the idea of a modular phone appeal to you?

Motorola Project Ara parts

Ever have that feeling where you look at your phone that’s six months or a year old and think, “I really wish that I could just upgrade this one part and I wouldn’t need to get a new phone?” We all know that we have. Until very recently, the concept had always been as some kind of consumer dream. But with the creation of the Phonebloks campaign, everybody excitedly began to think doing so could  become reality. Unfortunately, we were left with nothing tangible from Phonebloks. Then came Motorola and Project Ara.

Even just one year ago, Motorola wouldn’t have even considered something like Project Ara. But since its buyout by Google, Motorola has become much more open to new ideas. We witnessed it with the Moto X and its customizable exterior design. And when Phonebloks came around, the higher-ups at Motorola said, “Hey, let’s try that!” Out of that came the spark that is Project Ara.

Project Ara is Motorola’s effort to create a truly customizable phone. A phone where you can switch components in and out as you wish. That’s traditionally something that’s been reserved to the PC industry , not in the smartphone world.  Samsung has also dabbled in it with their smart TVs, although most wouldn’t consider that to be as useful as a modular phone.

Think of it this way: You’re going on vacation and you want a better camera than what your phone is currently equipped with. In the current marketplace, you’d either have to buy a new phone or a separate camera to get the kind of quality that you want. But if you had a modular smartphone, you could simply pop out the existing camera and swap in a new one. You could even go whole hog and get something like a Nikon sensor with Zeiss glass and maybe even a xenon flash if you’re into that sort of thing. You could truly create the phone of your dreams.

In truth, the idea of a modular phone fulfills the wildest dreams of consumers. You wouldn’t believe how many people I’ve heard say that they got a new phone because of one specific feature. For some, it’s the camera. For others, it could be something like the display or the battery. But with a modular phone, you could just pop a new one of those things in. It’s an incredible solution to the woes of upgrading phones.

And now we bring the question to you: Does the idea of a modular phone appeal to you? Do you think that the idea of a modular phone could work? Comments. Below. Type.

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