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Hurry up and release a new Nexus 10, Google


We know that many look at their phones and say, “Man, I wish this had a bigger screen.” But how many look at their tablets and say that? If you can echo that sentiment, then you’re in the same boat as I am. The influx of 7-inch tablets on the market has defined what many people look at as a tablet, but some of us would like a bigger screen.

Take the Nexus 7. It’s a great tablet that’s perfect for people who want something small and portable for media consumption and even some light work, which is all that many people want from a tablet. But on the other side of the spectrum, there are those of us who feel that the Nexus 7′s screen simply isn’t big enough.

See, the Nexus 7 is great for portability, and its screen is sharp. But would you use it as a laptop replacement? Some may say “Yes,” but many people see it as more of a companion device due to its screen size.

I’ll consent that screen size certainly isn’t the only thing that makes it a companion product. In general though, a bigger screen size is a key factor in using a tablet as a laptop replacement. Laptops are often used for both productivity and entertainment, and when it comes to watching a movie on a tablet, I’m sure  I’m not the only one who feels that a 7-inch screen is just a bit too small.

When using a device with display size of 10 inches, or even 8.9 inches, the experience is much better. Watching movies is more immersive thanks to the extra screen real estate, and productivity gets a boost as well. That extra space gives you a roomier keyboard if you’ve got a paper to write or emails to compose. And if you’re editing photos on the fly, then you’ve got an obvious advantage with a larger screen, although doing any sort of in-depth editing on mobile is still a rather lackluster experience.

Before you guys hit up the comments and be all like, “Whatchoo be talking about? There be plenty of 10-inch Android tablets out there!” Ah, but what I’m looking for is 10-inch Nexus tablet. Last year’s Nexus 10 had potential but was marred by some flaws. For example, the 2560×1600 display was great looking, but the hardware and software couldn’t quite keep up with it. The software just felt jittery and would frequently stutter while the hardware tried to push all of those pixels around.

Those of us who are looking for a 10-inch Nexus tablet are kind of stuck at the moment. Rumors about a new Nexus 10 that may be coming soon have been floating around , but so far we’ve yet to see anything official. A Google executive did state back in July that a new Nexus 10 was going to be released, but we’re still waiting to see anything come of that statement.

The reason that we want a new Nexus 10 is that, while there are some great 10-inch Android tablets available, none of them will offer a pure Google experience. Updates will be slow and in some cases will be covered with a custom UI, something that many of us don’t want. Do us a favor, Google, and release a new Nexus 10.

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