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Chrome Beta 32 no longer features a 300ms tap delay on mobile sites

4 months ago 7

Mobile web browsers incorporate a delay between your tap and something happening, 300ms in the case of Chrome for Android. This is to allow the device to wait for the second tap, so you can double tap to zoom. Without this delay, the instant response would make double tap unusable. Thus, the delay is necessary.

But on mobile sites, where you are unable to zoom anyway, the delay is cumbersome and unnecessary. Thus, in version 32 of Chrome Beta, Google has removed the 300ms delay on mobile pages that do not support zooming. Regular pages will be unaffected by this change.

Google Chrome will have the same feature implemented when it reaches build 32, and other browsers might follow suit. It’ll really make your phone seem a lot faster, like shown in the video. Go download Chrome beta and try it for yourself!

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