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Intelligent lockscreen replacement Cover hits the Play Store

Cover app

“Intelligent” apps have been all the rage among developers, but they haven’t been so popular with people. The reason is that it’s difficult to make an app that really knows how you want to use your phone. Google pulled it off pretty well with Google Now, but making a central experience (like the homescreen or the lockscreen) intelligent is harder to get just right.

The newest app to attempt this is called Cover, and it just launched onto the Play Store in its beta form. Cover is a lockscreen replacement that claims to learn what apps you use at different times and can recognize what you’re doing. It knows when you’re at home, work, in a car or just walking and suggests apps based on that.

To unlock, you just swipe from left to right anywhere. To access apps, you grab an icon and slide left to right. You can peek into the app, then enter it. The app suggestions will change with time as Cover learns how you use your device at different times.

It also allows you to multitask quicker by sliding your finger down from a corner and letting go on the app you want to go to. It’s a pretty unique app and is available for free, so go download it. I’m really liking it myself. Tell us how you like it!


Source: @Coverscreen

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