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ASUS looks to be teasing a tablet that dual boots Android and Windows


The latest video from ASUS, titled “Green or Blue? One or Two?” shows the Statue of Liberty holding up two fingers with one hand and holding a blue tablet in the other. She then takes out another tablet, and everything is turning from blue to green and black. It’s not very subtle, but it may just be a new tablet that can dual-boot Android and Windows.

Dual-booting tablets aren’t a new concept, but they’ve never been very good. There are always limitations to what they can do, often related the hardware inside the tablet and the laptop dock. If done right, though, the ability to dual-boot could be a very effective selling point.

I’m not a big fan of this cheesy ad, but I am excited to see what ASUS has in store for us. Would you buy an Android/Windows hybrid device? Leave a comment!

Via: Phandroid

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