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CyanogenMod surpasses 10 million install milestone

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The last few months of 2013 have been pretty big for the CyanogenMod team. After announcing that it was becoming its own company, the group confirmed its partnership with Oppo for a limited CyanogenMod edition of the N1, followed that up by unleashing its CyanogenMod Installer tool onto the masses and then revealed the aforementioned limited edition N1 as the first CyanogenMod device to earn Google’s CTS and CDD approval for use with El Goog’s official Android apps. That’s a pretty impressive list of milestones to hit in just a few months’ time, but it turns out that the CyanogenMod team isn’t done making news in 2013 quite yet.

According to the official CyanogenMod stats page, the custom Android ROM has been installed on over 10 million devices to date. The most popular version of CyanogenMod is the nightly flavor of 10.1, which has been loaded onto nearly 1.16 million pieces of hardware. Meanwhile, the device with the most installs is Samsung’s Galaxy S with 510,913, followed closely by the Galaxy S II and its 494,178 installs. It’s worth noting that devices that haven’t checked in with the CyanogenMod database within 90 days are removed, meaning that this pool of 10 million installs is made up of hardware that’s actively being used.

Not only is passing the 10 million install mark an impressive achievement for the CyanogenMod team, but it’s also a nice way to cap off what has been a big year for the group. Now Cyanogen Inc. has a nice number to boast about in any future partnership negotiations that it might get involved in. Plus, considering how often the team has been in the news lately and the fact that loading CyanogenMod onto a device is easier than ever thanks to the Installer app, that install base is likely to continue growing faster than it ever has before.

Have you ever installed CyanogenMod onto a phone or tablet? If so, which hardware did you load it up on?

Via: Android Police

Source: CyanogenMod Statistics

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