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Google adds two new Auto Awesome effects to Google+ in time for Christmas

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Auto Awesome is a very under-appreciated feature, mostly because it’s part of Google+. I don’t often use Google+ myself, but I love Auto Awesome. It really improves photos quite well, and the HTC Zoe-like video editing feature is useful, too. However, to celebrate the Christmas spirit, Google has added two new photo effects to Auto Awesome for you to use.

These Christmas themed effects turn your photos into animated GIFs. One adds a twinkle to all of your lights, great for use on a photo of a Christmas tree. The other adds falling snow over the photo. Neither of these effects are exclusive to Christmas, but what better time to introduce them?

Google Plus Auto Awesome Christmas 1

Google Plus Auto Awesome Christmas 2

It’s really a shame these effects aren’t built into Android itself, so they can be used on any social network. Do you use Google+? Leave a comment, and if you do, go try these effects out for yourself!

Via: Pocket Now

Source: +Google

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